Interior Styling (staging).

Interior styling or “staging” as they call it in The States is the process of decorating a home for sale. My approach is a little more personal than most. In a vacant property, we’ll bring the art, furniture, plants, rugs, wooden spoons - you name it - to make the house look like a home the buyer can’t stop dreaming about. I use a mix of new and vintage pieces to make the home look authentic and personal. If your home is furnished, I can work with your existing pieces to make it sale ready. This sometimes involves simplifying what is there, removing personal items and adding other key pieces such as cushions, art or rugs to make your property sing. Take some time to check out our before and afters. 

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I have a warm minimalist approach to designing spaces. Sometimes less is more. For me, it’s about optimising space and light and respecting the scale and architecture of the property. I work with clients who are remodelling, developers on new builds and other clients who just need a second opinion on certain elements, or a mood board to get the process started. I can choose colours, materials, finishes, provide floor plans and lay-outs, and source furniture and decor to bring the vision to life.

I am honest and practical and provide advice on which areas and materials to invest in, and where we can get some distance with your money.



Growing up with antique dealer parents, furniture runs in my blood. We lived out the back of my parent’s antique store and I was dragged along on their European buying trips every year. It’s given me an appreciation of the classics. Before PBB I a furniture buyer for Australia’s leading online retailer. I travelled overseas developing furniture and buying from domestic suppliers. 

Now, I help clients find the perfect piece for their own space. Whether we are furnishing a whole house, a certain room or a single piece, I carefully consider the client, the space, it’s functional requirement and their budget. To me it’s important to find unique pieces which are kind to the environment, whether it’s an antique armchair or a bespoke dining table crafted sustainably. 

With my eye for distinctive pieces, I scour antique markets, speciality stores, and my well-established network of furniture dealers and collectors, until I find the perfect piece.


Sometimes you just can’t find the perfect piece. Sometimes you just want something bespoke. Sometimes you have to create your own vision. Wether it’s the perfect set of cushions, a bed runner or an artwork. For me, art is an extension of my philosophy for decorating and a way to close my production loop on my soft furnishings. Where possible I use scrap materials, end of roll or vintage fabrics and other materials which can be composted at the end of their day.



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Due to currently being based in California, I can only take on Australian clients on a limited online consultation capacity.