What we do.

We know making considered decisions about homes can be overwhelming and expensive. This is where we are mavens. Our goal is always to create more from less. We do our best work within boundaries. Magicians with budgets and difficult spaces. Whether it’s sourcing unique vintage furniture, creating custom artworks or remodelling a space, let us find you the most stunning and sustainable options.

Our services include…

  • Interior decorating + styling

  • Sourcing + buying one-off pieces or commercial sourcing

  • Landscape Design + plant selection

  • Waste minimisation consultancy

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What we sell.

Not wanting to add to landfill we like to mostly create products from materials already in circulation. Functional and beautiful items which encourage a sustainable lifestyle…whether it be a olive oil bottle that can be refilled, or an artwork made from recycled materials. We believe that manufacturers have a responsibility for the waste they produce and to inform their customers on how to recycle or dispose of the items at the end of their lifecycle. We haven’t perfected this process but we are seriously passionate about it.

Our Worn Collection is about supporting a culture of sustainable craftsmanship and social conscience. That means producing locally in limited runs, using recycled materials where possible and always thinking of the product’s longevity. We are about denim and other materials that work hard for the money and age like crushed grapes. We live and thrive in denim cut-offs, why can't our home wares improve with every lighter shade, every scuff, every blemish? 
Our Found collection includes a range of vintage furniture and decor sourced from Australia and the States. Each with it’s own story, carefully selected and curated. 

Background - it’s a family affair

Arabella and Eloise grew up in Balmain (Sydney) in a warehouse style house their father built behind their antique store. They spent their childhood summers traipsing through Europe with their mother filling the truck with antiques. Their father was a master craftsmen, a builder, restorer, stone mason and furniture maker. Their mother a fashion stylist from London who turned her hand to manage the antiques business before turning full time artist. They were raised to respect the heritage of an item, its story and to preserve its future. A talent for seeing the potential in everything meant their parent’s resourcefulness and adversity to waste according to Arabella almost danced the line between being collectors and hoarders. Fast forward a few decades and the sisters career paths diverged and then, over time, they have found themselves (although on other corners of the world) drawn back together through common values and a desire to return to family roots.

Arabella Mcintosh

Owner and Creative Director


Eloise Lobsey

Sustainability champion and landscape designer


Arabella is known for her less is more approach to decorating. Although following her parent’s footsteps with a love of vintage furniture, she has a more curated approach, finding the perfect balance between old and new. She believes each item that enters the home must be both functional and beautiful. Her handwriting is shaped by the quality in materials, the contrast between old and new and the celebration of space and light. And plants. Always plants.

Arabella’s first  years in the fashion industry in both design and production in Indonesia and then as a fashion buyer for a large online retailer, Arabella left the industry deflated by the amount of textile waste the fashion industry created she wouldn’t continue helping to perpetuate the cycle. The love of fashion and denim in particular motivated her to want to be part of creating a solution for the waste caused by an industry she loved so much. To help keep these beautiful textiles in circulation. Here the idea of Palm Beach Black was born. Creating cushions and home goods from denim and other vintage materials which would ultimately end up in landfill.

PBB remained a constant in her life as she returned to work after starting a family as a furniture buyer and stylist for another online retailer. A move to California in 2016 saw her stumble into a new career in property styling and remodelling. Working throughout California and as far as Mexico. Personal projects such as The Beach Ranch in Angourie (NSW) has sparked a desire for creating beautifully curated, sustainable travel destinations.


As a landscape designer Eloise seamlessly blends beauty and sustainability. With an incredible eye for texture and tone she focusses on natives, edibles and low water planting. She focusses on blending hard and soft elements to create relaxing and calming spaces which encourage people to live outside in nature. Her background as a town planner means she is able to interpret local planning laws to maximise potential.

A degree in Environmental Science and experience in local government advising on environmental policy she acts as our shepherd, setting our policies and procedures for sustainability keeping us on the straight and narrow.  As a consultant she extends her passion for resource efficiency and waste minimisation, working with small businesses and community groups to identify and realise efficiency potential. Sharing expertise in landscape and land use strategy, policy development, community consultation and engagement practices, water & food-sensitive urban design, planning regulation, and circular economy practices.